Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for improving our cardiovascular health. The added benefit is that this piece of equipment is one of the cheapest pieces of fitness equipment that you can purchase.


Jumping Rope


The fitness rope is used in many sports as a conditioning exercise. After adding this exercise to your fitness routine, you will notice a change in your body after a few weeks. You will find that your reflexes have improved, your endurance has been greatly enhances, and your coordination is much better than it was before you included it as part of your normal routine.


Another really great thing about this exercise is that you can practically do it anywhere. Unlike a set of barbells, medicine balls, treadmills, and the like – the jump rope, aside from running shoes, is about the most portable piece of fitness equipment that you can carry. And you can use it just about anywhere. On a nice day, you can simply go outside or to the park and exercise outside. On rainy days, if your ceilings are high enough, you can use it indoors as well.


If you have never used this type of equipment as kid, it may take you a bit of time to become adjusted to it and to become coordinated enough to use it without tripping over yourself.


The jumping rope is also a virtual calorie burning machine. All of the major muscle groups of the body are put into motion; the upper torso including the arms, shoulders, and chest, and the lower part of the body such as the thighs and calves. And the intensity of the exercise can be increased by simply spinning the rope faster as you jump.


The only real negative impact about jumping rope is the strain that it can put on your ankles and feet, especially if you are heavy. You can mitigate this, to a certain extent, by jumping rope on padded floor surfaces that can absorb the shock of your body weight as you jump up and down.


Having the right shoes is important as well. You want to have shoes that support your arches and have sufficient absorption padding on the soles. If, however, the combination of the padded floor and good support shoes, still give foot discomfort, you should temporarily suspend jumping rope from your fitness routine until you can see a foot specialist to determine if you have a problem with your foot or legs.



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