Coffee Culture


From the 4th century arid land of Ethiopia to the bustling trade cities of Cairo, Damascus and Istanbul and later to Venice and Paris, the romantic capitals, the tiny yet intoxicating coffee bean now has reign supreme all over the world.


Man and coffee. It has become a rite, orchestrated daily, with finesse. Everybody has his or her own special way of preparing their sacred cups of aromatic brew. Strong and black. Sweetened with sugar, molasses or even honey. With cream or with milk, even the vegan varieties; soy, rice, almond, coconut… there’s always a little something to make that one cup of libation an identity of the drinker.


All coffee lovers are passionate about their choice of coffee; some only favor light roast coffee with its mahogany hue, aromatic, mellow yet with bright mouth feel.  Then, there are those who fancy heady rich-brown coffee – complex, smooth and flavorful, the unmistakable medium roast lovers. Some others may only desire dark roasts. Its rich ebony color is the testament of commitment and precision to yield tangy and intense brew. It comes as to no surprise there are more than 60 types of coffee drinks and embodies its own diverse, world-wide cultures.


This is why JoyAmaze™ coffee are lovingly crafted, not just for any special occasion, but to turn each coffee moment into a special occasion – a healthy special occasion. Whether it’s an event with family, friends or on your own, let’s JoyAmaze™ coffee become one of the simple, joyful pleasures of your life and savor the amazing life enriching rewards.


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