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Cordyceps Sinensis

Many of us heard about the world record breaking performances by several Chinese athletes who took Cordyceps sinensis, back in 1993. But many of us do not realize that during a scientific meeting in Paris, France in 1726, Cordyceps was introduced to the scholars, and for the first time the words about its curative properties arrived at the Western shore.


Men and women in this millennium struggle with hectic life; juggling between the demand of career and the importance of family. It is vital for both men and women to fortify themselves with nutritious elements that could bolster them and their well-being. Cordyceps sinensis is prized for its antioxidant properties, hence some it is being used especially by Chinese traditional medical practitioners to promote longevity, this makes Cordyceps an ideal choice to supplement ourselves to deal with our hectic life cycle.


Cordyceps and Working Adults

Cordyceps contains plethora of revivifying properties that is good for both working men’s and women’s general health and vibrant psyche. The current state of our world and the necessity to commute everyday exposed us to environmental elements, especially pollutant and pathogens, some that can be harmful. Chinese herbal practitioners have long since believed in Cordyceps as a shield. Its antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties act as sentinel to help us ward off common ailments and strengthened our immune responses.


Cordyceps is also prized for its clarifying and purifying properties. These properties are believed to assist the body to purge unwanted elements, organic or inorganic from continuing to accumulate within our systems and impede our health. These elimination processes occur naturally and slowly improve our well-being. The body can now absorb sufficient nutrients without any interference from the accumulated toxin.


To have an enduring physical and mental stamina is important to us. It allows us to perform our duties, both at home and at work efficiently. It also allows us to have some time off to enjoy some leisure activities that can help us de-stress and calm the mind and body. That is why Cordyceps is used in helping the body replenish vital energy. It is purported to improve our physical and mental vigor, thus allowing us to reap as much benefit as we can from our day-to-day life.



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