By: Sarah@JoyAmaze

Math Book


Nearly everyone of us, has that one thing that weighs us down. We do want to face the challenge, but seems to lack motivation. During my school years, I hated Mathematics. With passion. I struggled to complete my homework, and detested the examination. My marks? Just on the average line. When I was in college, one day, one of my English lecturers said it was important to do Mathematics exercises every day to keep our brain sharp and ourselves happy. I frowned, some classmates gasped. Only two or three students nodded in agreement.


I did not try the tip right away, in fact, I bought a Mathematics book only last year; attracted to the word ‘genius’ on the title, and was about to put it down when I noticed the word ‘maths.’ I finally decided to buy it 5 seconds later because it was so cheap. For months, it decorated my bookcase as I reached for a fiction or other books instead. I decided to get acquainted with the book – Think Like a Maths Genius by a Dr. Arthur Benjamin just scant few weeks ago. Days and nights staring at the PC doing my work and assignments are taking toll on me, especially my mood. Nowadays, I forbid myself from powering up my PC before work hours starts. Instead, before going to work, I spend about half an hour treating myself to a hearty breakfast, steaming cup of green tea and at least a sub-chapter of the book, plus the exercises, under a patch of sunlight.


Now, Dr. Arthur Benjamin is not an ordinary Mathematics teacher. He simplifies the method of solving the Mathematics problems and calculated from left-to-right. When I first read the preface, right away I knew that this person does not apply the rigid formulas of Mathematical-solving like the ones I endured in school. I fell in love with the book instantly. His method is to apply the simplest way our brain can come up with how to solve the problem accurately without punching the calculator or without spending too much time calculating each digit on paper. I feel like my whole mind engages when I do the exercises; first from accessing the best strategy to apply and secondly from the calculation itself. I feel very happy even if I get the wrong answer. I am more incline to try again, instead of giving up like I used to.


When it is time to leave, not only I’m sufficiently nourished; from the simple meal and the natural sunlight, I’ve also acquired new knowledge. It is fun when I discovered I can calculate my change at a farmers market and blurt out the answer before they can finish calculating with their calculator. Now, my daily commute to work is filled with the mantra – accomplishment, accomplishment, accomplishment. A happy feeling, indeed.


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