Most of us today have to stare at computer screen while working. To some, the time when they don’t stare at the glaring contraption would be the time the get some shut-eye. I was having some eye strain the other day when I remembered about this eye exercises that I haven’t done in more than a decade.


Beautiful Eye Exercise


I first came across Bates Method eye exercise while I in was high school, studying for a very important examination. My parents were worried that all those late night studies might affect my vision as I constantly suffered from headaches. Then I found this in a health magazine. Every morning before cycling to school, I would just stand outside the house, facing east; the sun was just rising, the air still fresh and did this exercise. On weekends I would spend longer time outside.

Well, it is high time to get my eyes back into shape. It would be nice to do this exercise while staring at any green tree, but you can do it anywhere, anytime. Just try to find some distanced, stationary object and you are all set. To me, that would be another building a few distances away from my office window. The only warning I have before and while doing this exercise is, do not strain your eyes.


i. Swinging

This one takes about a minute. Focus on an inert object. The further it is from you the better. Then, without moving your eyes, gently move your body from side to side while maintaining focus on the object.


ii. Optical massage

I just love this one. I used to look forward to do this every day. It takes about a couple of minutes but l loved to do it longer. Very soothing, very relaxing (and very addictive too. Well, to me that is). Hold your hands about 2 inches in front of your eyes, with palms facing inwards and your fingers crossing to make some sort of mesh. Look through the mesh into middle distance. Gently, without breaking your focus, move your hands in little circles. You can actually feel the muscles inside your eyes relax while doing this.


iii. Palming 

This is best doing when sitting or lying down, comfortably. In the morning, I did this by simply leaning with my back against the gate while at night when I was ready to go to bed. Again, hold your hands in front of your eyes, palms inward, but this time the palms slightly cupped.


Rest the base of your palms on your cheekbones, and the cupped palms lie across the eye socket but make sure they do not touch the eye or lids. Carefully arrange the position so that no light penetrates through and your eyes in complete, warm darkness.

Close your eyes and concentrate in the darkness in about two to three minutes. Gently remove your hands. This particular technique actually invigorates your eyes. Just make sure your do not remove your hand too fast, especially when doing this in broad daylight. The sudden transition from dark to bright can hurt your eyes.

All the techniques above can be done more than once. Try to at least do them a couple of times every day, early morning before work, and a few minutes before going to sleep.

Anybody have other interesting but effective techniques? Feel free to share it here. I would love to try them too.



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