By: Sarah@JoyAmaze



I made a 1200 mile journey last weekend, without my glasses. You see, I have Myopia and Nyctalopia since 1992. I discovered the shocking news at school; when I realized I could not see my teacher’s writing on the blackboard clearly, and that my vision was very poor during low light. My perfect eyesight deteriorated in only 2 months. Since then, grudgingly, I must arm myself with glasses every time I needed to see something that was more than 2 feet away. A few years later I came across some basic Bates Method eye exercises, the same exercises which I mentioned in a previous post.


I do not follow the Bates Method religiously, and only been doing it once in a while.  But every time I do it, I notice some small improvement in my vision. I must confess that I have a personal conviction that my eye problems can be decreased if not corrected. While my mum, who have Hyperopia disagree and strongly advise me to continue wearing glasses, this is the one advice that I will not heed (sorry mum) and this is due to my own personal experience.


Early 2012, I lost my glasses during a bumpy bicycle ride to work. Instead of rushing off to make a new pair, I decided to hold off. One day, a few weeks later, I had to settle a problem in one of our branch. The first 10 minutes of the whole 25 minutes drive was filled with a sense of dread. The route was busy and there were a lot of traffic lights. I was worried I might not be able to see another motorist or the changing traffic lights and kept squinting my eyes. After a while, I began to calm down. Yes, everything was slightly blurry, but not as if I could not see them entirely. Soon the journey became smoother as I realized once I stopped fretting and squinting, my sight was a bit clearer.


2013, August. I was working as a personal assistant to a very busy business consultant. She asked me suddenly during our first business trip, whether I could drive at night. Reluctantly, I told her I can, I just needed to make a new pair of glasses. During those months without them, I began to drink home-made chrysanthemum tea and goji berry drink. I read somewhere that these two herbs are among the traditional remedies used to improve vision. I do believe the claim, although I know not everybody is able to reap the same benefit as we aren’t born with the same trait. My eyesight became clearer and brighter about a month of incorporating the drinks into my daily life.


At the optometrist, my hunch was proven correct. I needed lower power on my new corrective lenses. My obsession resurface again this year due to the increasing need of driving at night, late night online classes and my current job that has me working in front of the computer most of the time. I put on the glasses many times this year that I immediately noticed the deteriorating vision while doing the eye exercises. That’s it, I told myself, time to ditch them. For good.


I increase the frequency of the Bates Method and whenever the full moon comes, I spend time outside doing them while staring at the soothing light.  About two months ago, my mum asked me to take her out. It was nighttime. I purposely left the glasses in my room and got behind the wheel. Yes, my vision was not perfect yet, but I was convinced I did not need those expensive glasses. I could see all vehicles in front, at the back and on my peripheral vision just fine, only slightly blur.


My current research led me to Leo Angart, David de Angelis and Meir Schneider. Some people have benefited from their techniques others don’t. I admit that I cannot be sure if my eyes will gain any benefit from their techniques, but I am willing to keep an open mind. We all are different, so the effect would never be the same. But I am resolved to keep my glasses where it should be – in its’ case.


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